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    Unable to play 3DBD on my Epson TW9000 projector

    Gilles David



      Besides having overscan problems I'm unable to play 3DBD using TMT5 on my 3D projector!

      Could this be an IDEID problem cuz when I connect my HTPC directly 3DBD works only when TMT5 is set to manual? Directly it detects my Projector but with my receiver in between it detects my Onkyo as screen!

      With my Onkyo 3008 3D receiver in between I can only play SBS and also only when manually selected!

      It's really breaking my balls!

      hardware: Asrock Pro4-M latest bios, Intel I3-3225 latest VGA drivers

      Software : Win7-64, XBMC + TMT5

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          Hi Gilles David,


          After looking into your issue, I've got a limited amount of information for you.  First off, it sounds like the issue you are experiencing is a missed HDMI handshake between your receiver and the projector.  This may be because your Onkyo 3008 receiver needs a firmware update.  However, after looking at the available firmware updates here (Firmware Updates TX-NR3008 | ONKYO Asia and Oceania Website) - I was unable to find anything matching a description of increased/corrected HDMI functionality.  You may want to try it anyways to see if it helps.


          Additionally, I contacted their international support line to see if they had any helpful advice on correcting the issue, and they stated that restoring the device to its factory default settings may correct the issue, it may not.


          Since your setup works properly when the projector is directly connected to your system though, I suspect it is in fact an issue with the receiver.  Try the firmware update and then the restore to factory defaults, and let me know if you gain any ground on the issue.


          Thank you,