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    Intel 510 SSD - SLOW when opening folders?


      CPU: 2500K

      MB: ASUS P8Z68V-PRO

      SSD (Boot): Intel SSD 510 120GB, SSDSC

      HDD (Storage): WDC WD2002FAEX-0 (BLACK)

      OS: Windows 7

      MEM 16 GB


      My pc is really slow when I open for example open my “download folder“, even though there is only like 20 files there.  IT can easy take 1 minute for the bar to finish! Below is some relevant Screenshots of my system.

      comp info.jpgcpu z 1.jpgAS SSD.jpg


      Both drives are installed on Sata 6 controller (checked in bios & Yes to ACHI in Bios, ), with a sata 3 cable (check).

      Newest version og Intel Solid State drive toolbox, and newest Firmware on drive. ( PPG4  (120GB SSD))


      The BIOS was set to AHCI before I did a clean install of Windows 7. The BIOS is the latest version.


      SSD Optimiser have been run. I have done RMA to my BLACK disk, but the slowness persist, when I have only INTEL 510 SSD connected.


      WHAT THE F*** am I supposed to do to fix this? 

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          I'm having the same issue with Kingston HyperX 3K. I've had the drive for about 3 months now. The issue started happening about a month ago. Often, when I open Computer folder, the disks don't show up, the bar goes across for a minute or two and just gets stuck at the end. Changing sorting order in folders causes the same bar running across and nothing happening. I have a couple of hard drives in the system. The problem occurs with folders on those drives as well. I'm guessing it's some I/O hiccup that locks up certain functions in the background. Since the OS in on the SSD, it screws with everything. Once these issues start happening, my icons don't get updated - if I open a folder with files of the type that has not been drawn on screen since reboot, those icons will be blank/generic/white as for unknown files. Once I reboot, that folder will show up correctly. I'm guessing they get cached somewhere, and as long as they get cached before these glitches activate, they will show normal.

          Also, once weirdness starts happening, I noticed this: open Computer folder - observe empty window with perpetual refresh never completing, shut computer down (either Start menu or Power button), the second before explorer closes, the folder shows all contents and disappears. So once shutdown command is sent, some handle closes and unlocks w/e is causing this crap.

          Would really like to know wtf is going on. Might play with SysInternals tools later to, hopefully, get better understanding.

          P.S. check disk with "/r" didn't help. "sfc /scannow" didn't make any difference either. This Windows 7 install is as old as the SSD (~3 months).

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            Problem solved. It was caused by Acronis 2013. What an intrusive POS software that is. I remember having issues with 2011 and 2012 in the past because it would integrate itself as a service, into context menu, into Windows Explorer, and other areas. It would interfere with 3rd party software and create massive I/O overhead unless you killed off a bunch hooks with Autoruns. I'm so angry and relieved.

            Hopefully, this will be helpful to someone.

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              stan you are awesome

              i had noticed the same thing on my new ssd drive

              just uninstalled acronis and everything is back to working fast again


              Thank you