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    Raid 5 array problem. Logical drives gone.


      I have a 4x1TB Raid 5 array. One of the hard disks started showing a yellow warning sign, so I replaced it today and the array rebuilt was successful. However a couple of hours one of the other disks dropped out of the array, and also the logical drives disappeared! The array still seems to be there, but in drive management it shows it as not initialized. I don't know how this happened, but I suppose on one hand the array is there, so my data is still not gone, but if I initialize it, won't I be loosing all the data in the array? IF so, how am I going to bring it back online without data loss?





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          Western Digital manufactures desktop edition hard drives and RAID Edition (RE) hard drives.  Each type of hard drive is designed to work specifically as a stand-alone drive, or in a multi-drive Raid environment.


          If you install and use a desktop edition hard drive connected to a RAID controller, the drive may not work correctly. This is caused by the normal error recovery procedure that a desktop edition hard drive uses.

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            This causes sometimes a drive to drop out of the array. IT does not explain though why suddenly Windows 7 decided to make the whole array as "not initialized". As you can see the array shows 3 drives still ok, so it should be working or at least needing rebuilding...