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    DX58OG Can't UEFI-Boot Win8 Install Media


      I'm using DX58OG with the latest version of the board BIOS (0888). It is a UEFI-capable BIOS, with UEFI Boot Option in the Boot menu. My primary hard drive (a brand new unused SSD) and the optical drive are plugged into ports 0 and 1 of the six black SATA ports (wired to the ICH10R southbridge), and the SATA controller is running in AHCI mode.


      I'm not able to boot the Windows 8 Pro installation medium (DVD), with UEFI Boot enabled. The boot order set is "normal", and sequence is Optical Drives > Hard Drives. When I switch to "advanced" boot order and reboot, the two drives disappear from the list of drives to assign an advanced boot order from.


      I want to take advantage of Windows 8 Secure Boot feature, and as such I want UEFI boot to work. I don't want to install the OS with legacy boot. What should I try next?