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    First generation HD graphics

    For Mulier

      Hi all!


      I am sure there are many others who are facing the same problem as I do.

      I own a notebook from late 2011 which came with a Core i5 480m with the Intel HD integrated graphics.

      HP configured the notebook with switchable graphics, so I also have a dedicated AMD Radeon Mobility HD5650.

      Everything is working fine on Windows 7, but with the new Windows 8 release I'm planning to update my OS.

      My first disappointment was the driver support of the first HD graphics generation on Windows 8. But as there are multiple threads on this forum complaining about that, I won't talk about it anymore (even though I am REALLY disappointed...)

      Please note that I am aware of the inbox driver in Windows 8.


      Wondering whether my computer could be upgraded, I ran the Windows 8 Upgrade Advisor.

      According to the results all of my software/hardware is perfectly supported on Windows 8.

      However, in order for the 2 graphics cards to work, they need a special driver.

      I am aware that neither AMD or Intel are responsible for releasing a driver that supports switchable graphics so I contacted HP.

      They told me that they are not planning on releasing a switchable graphics driver, due to the fact that Intel doesnt fully support it!!

      According to HP, there is no way to alter the inbox driver to support switchable graphics, they need a full driver from Intel.

      So here I am with a 1 year old notebook that cannot be upgraded to Windows 8 ONLY because Intel decided to drop support for it.


      I just don't understand why Intel can't release a driver which is basically the same as the current Windows 7 driver but that can be installed on Windows 8. I read that Intel only supports WDDM 1.1 for the first gen, but I'm fine with that as long as there is a full Intel driver (with OpenGl etc.)

      Please Intel if you could only release just 1 fully supported driver to the OEM's they can finally solve the problem.

      Also looking forward to other reactions I

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          Updates for this platform may be available through Windows* updates. In this case we suggest that you check with Microsoft* to improve compatibility of this operating system with mature hardware using switchable graphics. For further information, please refer to this URL:



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            For Mulier

            Hello Diego,

            I know that you only supply the driver through Windows Update.

            But as I stated in my post, my system is equipped with switchable graphics so I cannot use the Windows Update driver.

            So I was asking whether Intel could supply a driver to the OEMs (in my case HP) so they (HP) can create a driver thats supports the switchable graphics configuration.

            So I'm not asking for a direct link for a Windows 8 driver, I'm asking whether Intel can provide a Windows 8 driver for the first generation HD graphics to the manufacturers.

            Because for now people who bought a switchable graphics laptop from around 2010-2011 cannot upgrade only because of the lack of a switchable graphics driver. (and the OEMs need a driver from you to create one )

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              Rolando Martinez

              I got my Switchable Graphics working on w8 by doing this, I have an HP ENVY 14, if you know your laptop model download the AMD HIGH DEFINITION driver from hp website. If not try this since I also ahve 5650 with INTEL HD.


              1. Download this file.


              2. Run it, it will extract files in this location C:\SWSetup\SP50656, click cancel after the logo of ATI shows.


              3.Navigate to C:\SWSetup\SP50656 and then look for the Setup.exe file, right click it and run it in W7 compatbility mode.


              4. If installation is successful restart your PC.


              5.Download and install this file,  this is the latest amd drivers wich support w8, but you must do all of the above to enable switchable graphics.




              Let me know, good luck.



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                Hello there,


                I also have the ATI mobility HD 5650 + intel 1st generation

                but my lap is pavilion dv6 3120


                I've been having this problem ever since I upgraded to windows 8

                and i'm fed up for not being able to switch the graphics


                Please any suggestion on what to do ?

                If you could help plz Mr Martinez

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                  ps, I've tried leshcat drivers, and they don't work on my lap somehow due to driver packages not deleted despite using the command of forced delete. they get back again everytime I uninstall them


                  anyways, if you have a better solution that would enables me to use either the switchable graphics or just the amd one. please do help