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    Any documentation about intel GMA 3150 ?


      hi my name is Haze Aulaian,

      i am new here

      im curious about why intel isn't providing any pdf documentation regarding the GMA 3150.

      i saw that for example the 965GM has a pdf that explains everything about it

      the reason is im asking for this cause no software around the web is able to identify the speed of the GPU clock of the GMA3150
      also since intel provided in the documentation of the 965 series on how the configuration register that controls the clock speed of the GPU
      as i have seen in the documentation that the address offset is F0-F1h with a default value of 0201h
      i wanted to do some research on the 3150 to see those registers to on my netbook
      but unfortunately there is no documentation on intel.com showing how much or what the clock speed 3150 runs on
      so please can you help me out ? or is it a classified info until now for intel to reveal it ?