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    Need for Speed the Run, Battlefield 3 slow performance on newer drivers




      I have a HP laptop with I3-2330 cpu with intel hd 3000 graphics card, 6gb of ram and windows 7 64-bits.


      Any driver above 2761 gives me very slow performance in need for speed the run and battlefield 3, making these games unplayable. I read in a discussion that there is some power saving features in newer drivers that makes some games slower, and all we have to do is to select High Performance under power saving settings. I report that selecting High Performance in power saving settings does not make these two games run any faster, they are still very slow.


      I was hoping for better performance with every new driver release, but was disapointed with the performance of all driver versions from 2792 to 2867. I hopw future driver releases will correct this issue. Thank you.

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