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    Windows 8 - Text looks blurry/fuzzy


      I got an i7 2670qm using the latest intel drivers, and in Windows 8 the text looks fuzzy/blurry to the point of causing strain on my eyes and making reading text on websites and on menus, message boxes, etc.. unbearable.  te


      I am also noticing an increase in CPU temperature in Windows 8 using the latest drivers. Is this normal? And how do i fix it?

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          Hi none,


          Can you please provide some more information about your system?

          -Are you running Win8 64 or 32?

          -What driver do you have installed?

          -How much temp increase is there?

          -What resolution are you displaying in?




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            Windows 8 64bit


            At idle, the temperate is around 6C higher than Windows 7. In Windows 7, just idling on my laptop, the temperatures were around 47-48C. In Windows 8, in the same location, same everything - just idling, it idles around 55C. I also noticed for no reason, i get spikes up to 60C for short amount of time, while not doing anything.


            I tested in Windows 7 having skype open and google chrome, and the idle temperatures were steady around 48-49C. In Windows 8, using the latest drivers ( with skype and google chrome open, the idle temperatures were around 55C. And i noticed that it heats up a lot quicker in Windows 8, like for example when i watch a youtube video, the temperatures spike up in Windows 8 above 60C and hold steady around 61C.In Windows 7, watching youtube videos, it held steady around 55C.


            I also noticed that other users on the Windows 8 technet support have the same issue, along with users over at the HP Support Forums.


            Resolution is native resolution at 1920x1080, 60hz.


            Laptop is a HP DV6 I7 2670qm with switchable graphics but currently i only use the Intel HD Graphics.


            What annoys me the most is that this increase in temperature is causing my fans to go full blast very very often, distracting me from my work