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    Intel RST Service Terminated Unexpectedly


      I was happy to read that RST ver. 11.x and above will now pass TRIM commands through to SSD RAID 0 configurations.  So I recently added a second Intel 520 SSD and performed a complete reinstall of my system.  All went well except that the System log showed the above error and the RST app fails.  This has been happening since the beginning of the new install and I have not been above to resolve it.  The Device Manager indicates that 11.6 drivers are being used, but the Service/application simply will not function.


      My system:  Win 7 x64, GB GA-Z77-UD5H mb, 3770k, 32 GB ram, (2) Intel 520 480GB SSDs in RAID 0.

      RST ver. 11.6 works flawlessly on my wife's x58 machine which has (2) WDC HDDs in RAID 0.


      I have done the following in order to try and resolve the problem:

      1) Tried both version 11.54 and 11.6  RST with the same results.

      2) Turned on all .NET 3.5.1 features.

      3) Switched RST Service from Auto (Delayed Start) to full Auto.

      4) Manually started the Service ... continues to self terminate after about 5 seconds.

      5) Switched to a left-handed mouse while squinting with my right eye and simultaneously tapping my left foot.



      1)  Is there a problem with RST 11.54/11.6 used in conjunction with an Intel SSD RAID 0 configuration?

      2)  Even though the Service terminates unexpectedly and, as a result, the app does not work, is the TRIM command still being passed through to the array?

      3)  Any other suggestions?