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    Rapid Storage Technology (RST) Drive Failed, can't rebuild Raid 5 Volume

    Scott Wieduwilt

      I have been trying to rebuild the Volume for days after a drive failed.

      I replaced the bad drive and upon booting up, the boot screen (ctrl-I) that shows the Raid Configuration said my raid was status "FAILED", and my replacement drive showed up on Port 5 as a non-raid member (The old, broken drive was at Port 5 as well).

      I start the Intel RST Console, I am unable to do anything to add that drive back into my raid. The Port 5 drive in my RAID according to the console is "Missing Hard Drive". and the new drive is listed seporate from the volume of drives.

      I tried replacing the old/bad drive but it failed hard, will not power up. why can't I force the port 5 to rebuild the raid 5 volume using my new drive?

      I'm on Windows 7 x64 Ultimate. How can I add that new drive back into my RAID 5 Volume.

      The Intel Rapid Storage Tech is