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    DZ77RE-75K: PS/2 port issues


      I have a DZ77RE-75K board that otherwise looks fine, but I cannot get it to detect my keyboards when connected via PS/2. No issues on USB but I do need PS/2 for NKRO (and I think that if the board declares support for PS/2, that support should be in).


      The PS/2 port is enabled in BIOS setup, and I'm running the latest BIOS version (dated September 15th).


      The keyboard in question is a Filco Majestouch-2 FKBN108M/JB2. Same behaviour with BTC's 6300C.


      If connected via PS/2, I cannot get into BIOS setup, and the keyboard's status LEDs blink once after POST finishes. The keyboard does not work in Windows 7 as well, and I don't see the PS/2 port anywhere in the Device Manager.


      Any advices?

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          Update: the board started losing the Marvell controller on the fly (HDDs disappearing from the system along with the controller) and I returned it.


          Couldn't get a replacement yet, because ALL of DZ77RE-75K available in stores around here come with DZ77BH-55K's I/O shield and drivers CD. Awesome packaging, I daresay.