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    SSD toolbox over Win8

    Stefanita Stanescu

      I have the following issue with the SSD toolbox:

      - in previous version, 3.0.5, installation was screwed in Win8 Consumer Preview (required .Net 3.5). Still, my SSD 330 120GB is seen with a serial number of 000000...000 and SMART info is not available

      - in 3.1.0 installation is fine in Win8 Pro, but I still get 000...000 as serial number and still no SMART. But, I'm getting also a window with the following message:

      "The Intel SSD Toolbox is having trouble communicating with the selected drive. The Intel SSD Toolbox is now rescanning the system to get an updated drive list."

      Clicking OK to continue is killing the app.


      I'm running the SSD in RAID mode (but alone; there is a different array present) on a Asus M4A89GTD Pro, with AMD 890GX chipset. In AMD management app, controller is set to SMART and disk is communicating SMART status (healthy).


      Bug in SSD toolbox or in AMD drivers? In Win7, everything is fine.8

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          I'm having the same problem but with an X25-M G2, on an Nvidia 570 chipset

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            Stefanita Stanescu

            3.1.1. did not solve it:



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              It's not uncommon for the SSD Toolbox to have problems when used on mother boards with non-Intel SATA chipsets and drivers. The error message you saw confirms that. I have never had a problem on an Intel SATA chipset board, using RAID mode and Intel driver, with single SSDs or RAID volumes. Did the Toolbox work on your AMD system with Windows 7?


              I don't have a 330, so I can't say the Toolbox does not have an issue with them. I've never had problems using the similar 520 SSDs, but the 330 has different firmware. I'd be surprised if the latest version of the Toolbox had a problem with the 330 SSD, when used with an Intel chipset and driver.


              I'm not surprised the Toolbox does not work with the NVIDIA SATA chipset, sorry to say. NVIDIA no longer makes SATA chipsets, and does not offer any support for them, nor do the manufactures that used those chips. They have been a problem for all SSD manufactures, mainly for their well known problem of operating SATA 6Gb/s SSDs (SATA III) at 1.5Gb/s (SATA I) speeds.

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                Parsec, you are correct, however the previous version worked, even on my Nvidia chipset, the new version(s) don't... So they broke something, somewhere. The quick release of the current version 3.1.1 points to that.

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                  Stefanita Stanescu

                  Indeed, behavior changed in worse with 3.1 and 3.1.1.


                  Now in Windows 7 (fortunately still dual-booting), I'm getting the same message. But there is difference: here I'm getting the serial number of the drive!


                  In the same time, is not quite normal to have an app for the SSD which works only on Intel chipsets. Could be that is not only Intel at fault here, so I will try with AMD as well to sort it out, but I expect more support here.




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                    More support here? You apparently did not read the Licensing agreement when you installed the Toolbox. It states that no support will be provided by Intel for the Toolbox. You could contact Intel support, which is not this forum, and they might be able to help you, but they are under no legal obligation to support the Toolbox.

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                      We do support the Toolbox.

                      Please contact Intel Customer Support at;  http://www.intel.com/go/ssdsupport.

                      We would be happy to help you.