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    DH77EB 4-Pin Speaker and 1394 Firewire




      I have a Intel DH77EB mainboard and missing a connector for a 4-pin Speaker. It's a 4 pin connector with only 2 wires. There's a wire on the left and right side. In the moment i have no startup sound but the sound is enable.


      Can somebody help me?




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          There is an on board piezoelectric speaker. An additional two wire speaker is not supported I guess.

          The board-mounted speaker provides audible error code (beep code) information

          during POST.

          *from section 4.1 of the TPS

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            But i get no beep codes!?! My old gigabyte mainboard beeps twice at startup.

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              AFAIK you're only going to get beep codes if there is an issue.


              Test the speaker by pushing and holding in the power button while booting the machine. While the power button is still depressed, the system will emit a regular beeping noise.

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                Ok thanks. This is my first intel mainboard. Every other mainboard i had beep at startup twice.


                I have a additional question. My HTPC Case Origen AE S10V has a front Firewire Connector. I find a Connector on the mainboard without pins. Maybe its nor supportet.


                Is there a way to aktivate the connector or can i connect 1394 to a USB Connector? Because i see that the pins and the Connector are the same. Will it work?