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    Intel SSD Toolbox 3.1.0 with SSD Optimizer Support for RAID 0 Volumes


      I just tried the new SSD Toolbox version 3.1.0 with support for running the SSD Optimizer on RAID 0 volumes. It worked great, and ran fast too.


      Of course, the requirements for this to work are rather specific. You MUST have an Intel 7 series chipset board with IRST version 11 installed. The 7 series chipset board must also have the IRST version 11 Option ROM installed, which is part of the board's UEFI/BIOS package. As usual, this feature only works with Intel SSDs.


      While this feature is useful only to a relatively small number of users, it does demonstrate Intel's commitment to PC enthusiasts, and is provided free of charge to Intel's customers.


      I must say there is one aspect of the new Toolbox that I am not sure I am happy about, but I'll wait to mention it and see if other users notice it.