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    Boot Issue in DH67BL Board


      Hi Friends,

                      I've a DH67BL board with i5-2500k CPU.Every thing was fine since purchase date (6 Months Before)...Last few days I am experiencing a graphic driver issue in windows 7 64bit ultimate.If the Intel graphic driver 3000 is installed the display fails but the windows boots up perfectly and I hear the log-in tone and its working perfectly with out displaying anything I started up with safe mode and removed the intel graphic driver and it works perfectly with the windows 7 native graphic driver.I had a doubt its a processor issue and downloaded a processor benchmark tool from intel and the processor test passed without issues.Then from yesterday when i power on the pc it doesn't even start up and turns off automatically.As a systems engineer My doubt its a board hardware issue...And I am going for a service center will they repair it or replace the board with a new one...As boards are factory made replacing the impaired components may lead to performance slowdown...Please share your views and previous experiences with the service centers...