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    Rapid Start not behaving


      Can someone please help me.  I've just set up Rapid Start according to the instructions.  However, when I click on the Sleep button, the computer shuts down, then briefly wakes up for a couple of seconds then shuts down again.  I gather that's what it's meant to do.  The trouble is, about 1 second later it does a full restart (not a rapid start) and stays switched on.


      It's a new PC with a Gigabyte Z77-UP4TH motherboard, and the only thing I wasn't able to do was set the option for the Hibernation Timer to Immediately.  I'm blowed if I can find that option anywhere in the BIOS settings.  Is that the reason it's not working?

      I have 12 Gb of RAM, and have set the hibernation partition of the SSD to 15Gb, so that should be OK.  The partition shows up in the Disk Management console OK, but without a drive letter.  I'm assuming that's what's meant to happen.  It isn't visible in Windows Explorer.  Again, I assume that's as it should be.  I've checked via Task manager, and Rapid Start appears to be running, even though I'm unable to get the icon to show in the taskbar notification area.

      Any help would be appreciated.

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          Is there anyone from Intel monitoring these discussions?  I'm new to this forum, but would really like some help in solving this problem of mine.  Maybe I'm in the wrong area and there's already an active thread devoted to Rapid Start configuration problems.  If so, can someone please point me in the right direction.

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            When it restarts is it restarting from sleep, or as in a reboot?

            • Windows had a bug where it would reboot (that should be resolved with a Windows update recently)
            • I'm working on a bug with Intel where it reawakes from sleep