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    Chip Chat Podcast: ENERGY STAR* for Servers

    Allyson Klein

      We’re all familiar with the Energy Star program.  From washing machines to flat  panel TVs to buildings the good folks at the EPA have created metrics for the  most efficient products on the market, driving industries to design more energy  efficient products and get rewarded through increased visibility for their  efforts.  Closer to home, PCs have been featuring Energy Star logos for over a  decade, and my notebook features a logo designating the 4.0 version of that  specification.  It’s arguable if there’s a more effective blunt tool for  creating wide-spread awareness on product efficiency as a light blue Energy Star  mark.  That’s why I was interested in talking to Andrew Fanara, the guy who has  been driving the EPA’s latest foray in energy efficiency: Energy Star for servers. This new program generated a  ton of attention as the metric for server efficiency was discussed, honed and  tweaked by the EPA team.  Coming up with a common metric for server system  efficiency is not easy, and Andrew has been a very popular guy receiving input  far and wide from technologists pitching their respective approaches. Take a  listen to our Chip Chat discussion to find out more about when you can expect to  see Energy Star servers in the market, what Andrew’s team was able to accomplish  with this first spec, and what his goal is for this metric long term.