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    Z77 board for Linux? Using i7-3770

    Keith Ostertag

      I have already purchased an i7-3770, looking for a Z77 board for Linux. I will not be over-clocking or playing games, will be using on-board video and sound.


      I had thought to buy the DZ77BH55K, but I have heard a rumor that that board is being discontinued? Can anyone confirm? This of course may just be misinformation, looking for a way to confirm one-way-or-other. The basis for this rumor was that evidently Intel is no longer offering this board to its employees under their employee buying plan, at least not as a combo (i7-3770 + DZ77BH-55K).


      I feel the DZ77GA70K is a little too $$$, and maybe overkill for my needs (general office, photo editing, etc).


      Other suggestions? My main requirements are that it work well with Linux, be somewhat future-proof, very robust and well supported. I will want a good a/g/n wireless NIC.



      Keith Ostertag