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    BIOS update and a strange warning


      I have an Intel DZ68BC mainboard, with an Intel Core i5-2500K with an Intel RTZ thermal Solution 2011LC cooler.  Earlier this week, to resolve some issues, I updated the BIOS to BCZ6810H.86A.0037.2012.0711.1949.


      On power up, there is a dense screen of text that flashes by at less than 1 second. I eventually recorded the screen with my video camera. After a fair amount of struggle, I managed to freeze the screen of text, but as luck would have it, some of it is not legible.  I could make out that it is some warning about an unsupported processor and/or a mini-ATX chassis. Neither of which I believe is try. There is a Yes/No prompt, but as I said, it just flashes past.


      I could also make out a URL linking to http://processormatch.intel.com/ . All that I can find on there is that this is apparently a supported combination.


      Intel® Processors and Boards Compatibility Tool - Search Results Page


      So can anyone please enlighten me about what is going on here?


      Thanks ever so much.

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          My apologies. I just spotted a typo. The message refers tot a mini-ITX chassis, while I have this installed in a Fractal Desigh Define R3 mid-tower chassis. Clearly the message somehow identifies something in my setup as incorrect, But  I can't figure out what it might be, Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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            This is a known issue in BIOS 0037 for the DZ68BC. See also thread:

            DZ68BC BIOS 0037: i7 2600K is now an unsupported processor


            Version 0036 doesn't have this 'screen' bug. I am running 0037 and this issue doesn't seems to impact the behavior of the BIOS besides the text screen at startup.


            Intel is working on version 0038 but it seems that this update is stuck somewhere in the development\verification\releases pipeline.

            See also:

            Still no fixed BIOS for DZ68BC

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              Well, thank you for that. Now I feel better. I'm beginning to realize that I should stick to boards like Asus or Asrock or (anybody else) since I've had more trouble with my Intel board builds that I ever have with non-Intel boards and Intel processors.


              And the cheap way one gets brushed off by any form of real tech support is also quite annoying.


              I have two builds with an MSI board and a Gigabyte board, and I hardly ever have any issues with those.  SIlly me for thinking that Intel would design their boards and processors to work together. (and of course, test it!)