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    Using YASM with Intel Composer XE 2013




      I am trying to compile some assembly code with Composer XE2013, and I am having some difficulties.

      Here's a portion of the code:


      __asm__ volatile(

      "movd %%"REG_a", "MM"3              \n\t" // last_non_zero_p1

      "pxor "MM"7, "MM"7                  \n\t" // 0

      "pxor "MM"4, "MM"4                  \n\t" // 0


      This generates castrophic error: can't allocate registers for asm instructions.

      Has anyone encountered that and can suggest how to fix it?

      I have YASM installed.


      Thanks in advance for your help or providing the appropriate forum to  post this question.


      Best regards,