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    From SRT to SSD


      Hi all


      I bought a 520 Series SSD (120GB) and wanted to use this as my primary boot drive.  I don't want to do a fresh install simply because I don't want to go through the arduous process.  Is it possible for me to clone my current HDD to this new drive as well as pick and choose which programs I want to port over? Is this something I can easily do given I've enable SRT from the beginning?





      Current Setup:


      i5 3570K (clocked @ 4.3 GHz)

      Asus Sabertooth Z77

      Crucial M4 SSD, 64GB (dedicated to Intel SRT)

      1 TB WD Caviar Black

      Crosair Vengeance 16 GB @ 1866

      Intel 520 SSD, 120GB (new uninstalled)