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    Active or Passive DP adapter for DZ77BH-55K


      I am about to purchase several DZ77BH-55K motherboards and plan to use two DVI monitors with them.  This board has a HDMI and Displayport output so I wanted to know if the following configuration would work:


      Display Port > DVI (Using a passive adapter)

      HDMI > DVI


      Both monitors will be set to a resolution of 1920x1080.


      I found this Intel FAQ that say yes, this configuration should work with Passive adapters (albeit with a 3 montior config):


      Question: Is passive dongle supported in 3-display configurations?


      Yes. Passive dongles are supported if the system manufacturer programmed the BIOS to support dual-mode interoperability (DisplayPort > HDMI, DisplayPort > DVI, DisplayPort > VGA).

      Note See display combinations for valid passive dongle configurations based on the connected display.


      So does this board have dual mode interoperability enabled in the BIOS?