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    Intel Data Center Efficiency Challenge

    Allyson Klein

      I love competition...having two older brothers will do that to you.  Whether we were racing to see who could make it to the street corner first or who could hold their breath under water the longest, my formative memories involved some sense of proving one's individual superiority.  And while these contests didn't really measure really useful skill, the latest competition kicked off by Intel does.  Called the Data Center Efficiency Challenge, our latest competition asks you to test your data center mettle against your peers.  Tell us how you plan to use Intel server technology including the new Intel Xeon 5500 series server processors to make the way your organization computes and operates more efficient.  Quantify these efficiencies to estimate how much you can save on your bottom line.  The best part is that we're turning the cameras on you to tell us about your ideas and asking you to post these ideas on our Facebook site or linked to YouTube.  So even if you don't have a clear vision on your plans you may get that spark of creativity from other videos posted online.


      The winners of the competition will be richly rewarded with a trip to the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco this fall, time to discuss turning your ideas into action with help from Intel's most senior data center efficiency experts, a Xeon 5500 series based platform for your company, and a sweet new energy efficient laptop for you.


      So get busy...visit our Facebook site to learn more details, and start planning your entry.