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    Need help with my graphics....


      Alright so I recently installed FIFA 13 but i realized that it won't work on my laptop. Its strange as all the previous versions of the game - FIFA 12, FIFA 11- worked well on my laptop. Someone said it might be the problem with the graphic card. I have Intel HD Graphics (obviously not rendered for hardcore gameplay) but I played Call of Duty - Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3 on this laptop. But FIFA 13 just crashes.Capture.JPG2123.JPG

      So these are the pics about my graphic details and is there any way by which I can increase the DEDICATED VIDEO MEMORY???? If so please guide me through the process.asfd.JPG

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          Your driver is about 2 years out of date.  You can check your OEM for an updated graphics driver.  If that is unavailable, you can find an updated driver on our website.  Let me know if after updating the driver, you are still experiencing the same issue.

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            Thank you for that. I looked for an update of my driver on this site but this popped upsadfszf.JPG

            Therefore I went on my manufacturer's site, i.e. Acer. I have an Acer Aspire 5745 and I searched for its graphic drivers but it gave me drivers for 64-bit operating system type whereas I have a 32-bit one.

            I downloaded drivers for another Acer model laptop (it uses the same drivers as my model does). I tried to install it but it says "The driver being installed is not validated for this computer. Please obtain the appropriate driver from the computer manufacturer".

            So I decided to update my driver through device manager and I asked it to update from the folder where I had extracted the driver downloaded from Acer's site. But it says that your driver is up-to-date (it surely isn't). 123.JPG1222.JPG

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              Hmm.. It does appear to not have any supported 32 bit drivers.  You are certain that you have a 32-bit OS?  (Right click -> My Computer -> Properties.  Check System under "System Type" - if you didn't already know how to check this!)


              I checked the drivers on the Acer website myself, and only saw 64 bit options, which leads me to believe they may only supply 64 bit OS's on their laptops (I could be wrong).  Either way, have you tried using their 'download hardware vendor utility' to see if it can find you the drivers?  The ones they had listed for your model all appear to be from 2010 as well, so it may be no good.


              We have a 32 bit driver for your configuration here; Download Center
              Give that a try and let me know if you are still having the issue.

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                Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Thanks a lot mate you are a life-saver. Thanks for all the trouble you took. The driver you suggested from this site worked smoothly and perfectly and I successfully upgraded my driver. And guess what the game works smoothly and fast too. I had lost all hope and I had visited this site as a last resort. Cheers! mate you truly are great!!!

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                  Could you help me aswell? I have pretty much the same problem and I tried this download, but it says that my computer doesn't support that or something like that. It would be great, if you could help me.


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                    Try giving your graphic details and basic configurations...

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                      How and where I can do the same pictures as above? I couldn't find in my computer these places where all this is written.. sorry, I'm a beginner in this.

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                        Actually I wanted to tell you this aswell. But yes, please tell me, how do to these pictures? I know the print screen and paint thin, but where can I find the details and stuff?

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                          I'm surprised why the intel guy hasn't come to your help yet...well firstly go to the website of your manufacturer and select your respective model from there and try downloading drivers from there if you get stuck up tell me your computer's make and model. If that doesn't work you can email me here - ihatesrk12@gmail.com

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                            Hi p6rnikas,


                            To answer your first question, in order to look at the information like poorvsagar presented, you're going to have to check your Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel.  To do so, you can either hit ctrl + alt + F12; right click your desktop and select 'Graphics Properties', or go to your taskbar on the right and select 'Graphics Properties' from the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel icon (it may be called Intel Graphics Accelerator Driver).


                            When you've opened up the Intel G&M Control Panel, select the 'Options and Support' button on the bottom left.  Click the option on the left that appears afterwards for "Information Center".  Go ahead and take a screenshot of that information and slap it up here.


                            Let me know if you are having any issues with this!



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                              Thanks for the info p64nikas,

                              Are you using a laptop?  If so, who is your computer manufacturer?




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                                Hmm, I couldn't find the place where I could download the drivers.. But I just put the picture up so you can see the main details from there.

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                                  Yes, laptop. Samsung it is.

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