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    Please Help me! I am begging!

    Mayank Sharma

      Hi there. I play Counter Strike Condition Zero on my laptop but I am constantly getting very low fps (30-40). I know that my laptop is able to provide me approx 70fps but it doesn't. My friend laptop with Intel Core i5 but with same HD graphics is running it easily at 80-90 fps.

                I tried to check the clock speeds. I also have Need for Speed Most Wanted but when it runs, the clock speed goes upto 600mhz. Whereas when running Counter Strike, the clock speed remains only at 370 mhz. I think this is GPU idling clock. How can I tend it to clock to 600 mhz when running Counter Strike. I have used many types of driver versions but no help.


      My Laptop Specs:

      Intel P6100 Laptop Processor @ 2.0 ghz

      Intel HD graphics

      6GB RAM (4*1 + 2*1)

      Windows 7 x64 bit


      Please Help me. I am damn sure that my laptop can handle that game well.  Any Help would b highly appreciated.clock