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    Any Intel Resellers Out There?


         I am an Intel IPD. I use to sell nothing but Intel Desktop Boards. I haven't sold one in two years. It use to be only moderately more expensive to "roll your own" and build a really nice desktop computer with "the best of" components. Now it is about twice as expensive. I haven't been able to justify the cost to customers in years. Lenovo, HP and Dell are putting out i3-2120, 4GB memory, DVD Burner, 500GB hard drive and Windows 7 Professional for $375. Try and to it with Intel Desktop Boards and just cost on the parts are almost $700.


      A major chunk of that is Windows 7  Professional but not all of it. Has Intel ever thought of OEMing its own products and working out a deal with Microsoft like the major players have? I would think it would benefit Intel in sales and help putting together quality boxes at the same time. I can't be the only reseller going through this. How are other Intel Resellers handling this?