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    Move RAID 1 (2x2TB) to a new motherboard?


      Hi everyone,


      I have two question about a RAID 1 configuration.



      I have GA-X38-DQ6 motherboard (with intel ICH9R if i'm not wrong). I have configured two 2TB drive in RAID 1 mode. This drives are for data only (OS is installed on another drive).

      Tomorrow I will change my motherboard to MSI Z77A-GD64 with intel z77 chipset.

      It's possible to configure the same raid 1 (same drives)  on the new motherboard without loosing all data? How?



      I use both Windows 7 and Linux. On windows exists the intel storage matrix manager software. What about Linux? What software I have to use? It's managed by the kernel?


      Question 1 has higher priority.

      Thanks in advance.