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    RAID 0 Array shows as "Disabled" in Option ROM, No Windows Boot

    Nope Nope

      So it all started when I was playing a game about a week ago and then I got a bluescreen.

      The source of the blue screen was iastor.sys I believe and I couldn't do safe mode or anything.


      I booted to startup recovery and after downloading the newest drivers from intel and putting them on a flash drive startup recovery saw my Win7Main disc.  It said it would do some automated recovery stuff and then restart the computer.


      After it did I right away noticed in the RST Option ROM (CTRL-I) my volume and my disks are now showing as DISABLED!

      There appears to be no setting option or keystroke to attempt to enable them again.


      WHAT GIVES?!?


      I really don't want to lose all my data and my OS when, in fact, there was nothing wrong to begin with outside of one driver.

      How in the world can I get RST to "Enabled" the Win7Main volume once again?