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    Corei5 Compatibilty


      Respected Sir,

      I wants to know that corei5 3rd generation processor is compatible with windows xp professional 32 bits.When I try to install windows xp professional a blue screen is displayed with message that installation process is stopped to avoid serious damages kindly restart your computer if this message again displayed do following steps check your drive with chkdsk/f and  fix all errors.I do this but no error is found.Another step mentioned in message is to scan your drive with anti-virus and clean registry files.I do this but the problem is not solved.Thanking You

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          The compatibility of the Operating System is determined by the motherboard model; the processor is able to run the compatible Operating Systems listed by the motherboard manufacturer.


          1- You may want to see what is your motherboard model, contact the respective manufacturer and consult the Operating System compatibility.


          2- Test a different Operating System installation disc and, also, feel free testing another cable and/or hard drive.

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