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    DH77DF microphone problems


      I have been having an ongoing problem with my DH77DF microphone inputs.  Lately it has gotten bad enough that the mic is basically unusable.


      When no mic is plugged in, the board thinks one is plugged into the front panel and wants that mic to be the default recording device.  If I plug one in, the board thinks it is unplugged.  Sometimes the sound display will rapidly flash unplugged on and off like it can't tell if a mic is there or not.  What I really want is the back panel mic input to work.  That is erratic but at least it works, sometimes.  It has problems detecting if a mic is plugged in but sometimes gets it right, unlike the front panel which never gets it right.


      For comparison, the speaker and headphone jacks work perfectly:  Plug in and the system responds accordingly; unplug and it says so, for both front and rear audio.


      System is running Windows 7 x64, BIOS 102, default Windows audio.  Not using Realtek drivers and would prefer not to.  (I have a similar 6 series board where the mic and speakers sense correctly without the Realtek drivers.)


      Would like to know if there is anything else I can try or if I need to send the board back.  Thanks.

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          I hoped the problem was caused by a defective front panel audio jack.  I got Antec to send a new part.  I took the PC apart and installed a replacement front panel headphone and microphone jack.


          No joy.  If anything, things are worse.  Jack sensing on the left front port is totally dead.  Windows always report something is plugged in whether it is or isn't.  The right port now thinks it is both the headphone and microphone jack.  When I plug something in and watch the Playback tab under Sound, it reports that the Headphones are Not plugged in.  They were listed as Ready with nothing plugged in.  Similarly the right jack Recording tab under Sound reports that the Microphone is Not plugged in when I plug it in, and lists it as Ready with nothing plugged in.


          BIOS is now 103, no other changes.  BIOS is set for High Def Audio and that plug is plugged in on the motherboard.


          Please help.

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            Ziad Aghar

            Surely thats not a matter of BIOS. Unfortunately you'll have to install the Realtek drivers "the right ones".


            After that if the problem persists & we have ruled out the its not a defective front panels. Then you have two options:

            1. Get an external sound card  "Not recommended"
            2. RMA the Board "Recommended"


            I had similar USB problems with my DX79SI. Same what is going on with you but with the USB front panels & had it RMA cause if things start to misbehave then it's a domino effect.


            First install the drivers just to rule out any hardware conflicts.

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              Ziad Aghar

              Any update??

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                I tried changing the BIOS to different settings with the High Def Audio plug on the motherboard, and tried Legacy using the AC '97 plug.  Legacy totally didn't work, so back to the High Def Audio plug and Auto in the BIOS.


                I'd already tried the Realtek drivers at some point while trying to diagnose the trouble.  They were no help but I tried them again today, just to be sure.  Here's what happened:


                Under Playback Device, only Speakers are listed in addition to Realtek Digital Output and Realtek Digital Output(Optical).  Headphones are not listed separately as they are with the default Win7 driver.  Speakers Properties General shows both green jacks, front and rear panel, in addition to SL and SL for the black rear jack and C Sub for the orange rear jack.  When headphones are plugged or unplugged into the right front jack, they are correctly noted as being plugged or unplugged, and speakers are correctly muted or enabled.  Bottom line:  playback is working correctly but subject to random "You just unplugged a device from the audio jack."


                Under Recording Devices, with nothing plugged in front or back, Microphone/Realtek High Definition Audio is shown as the Default Device.  Line In is correctly shown as Not plugged in and Stereo Mix is Disabled.  Properties indicate that this nonexistent microphone is plugged into the front panel jack.  When a microphone is plugged into the left front panel jack, Microphone/Realtek High Definition Audio incorrectly changes to "Not plugged in," the exact opposite of what is should be.  There is a corresponding backwards popup from the Realtek system tray icon, "You just unplugged a device from the audio jack."  Front panel microphone is always the opposite of what it shold be.  The rear microphone correctly registers when it is plugged in or unplugged.  Originally its Default Device Properties incorrectly showed it as the Front Panel Jack but while tinkering the Rear Panel Jack was mysteriously added to the Jack Information, without any action on my part.  Bottom line:  front panel microphone jack is broken, always backwards; rear microphone jack is working at the moment.


                This is pretty much the way things are with the default Win7 driver.  Yesterday (using Win 7 driver) the headphones were working properly when plugged into the front panel (they disabled the speaker).  Today, they work most of the time.  Front microphone never works, no matter what.


                I am not looking forward to reinstalling a motherboard.  What a hassle.

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                  Ziad Aghar

                  It's probably something that has to do with the configuration.

                  Recheck your connections. The ones from the internal headers to the audio hub "especially that you had it replaced".

                  Try a different Mic

                  If that doesn't work

                  Try with an external spare sound card. You can get one for less than 10USD, this way you will be sure that the problem is from the MB itself.

                  If the card works RMA the board

                  keep us updated

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                    It's not the connections.  The front panel audio plug is tight to the motherboard and I made sure there are no missing or loose wires.

                    The mic works when plugged into the back.  It never works when plugged into the front because the board thinks it's been unplugged then.

                    External USB sound card works perfectly with microphone.

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                      Problem solved by a replacement motherboard.  Front panel audio now works as it should.

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                        Ziad Aghar

                        happy to hear that your problem got solved

                        Now give me my star lool