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    Intel Matrix all drive are in "incompatible" Status in boot


      I just upgrade RST in windows 7 and after a reboot I have all my drive in "incompatible" status.


      Windows don't start


      Can you help me ?

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          Could you please provide more information on this. Was the system using Intel® Smart Response technology with a SSD as cache?


          Probably something was corrupted in the SSD Configuration Information due to SSD failure or the RST Windows Driver updated the signature incorrectly.


          If you were using an SSD as cache in Enhanced mode, you can simply go to the “Acceleration Options” in the OROM (Control I option ROM) UI and choose to remove acceleration by pressing ‘r’.   This will remove acceleration and the disabled state.  Then you should also reset the Cache Disk to non-raid using the “reset disk to non-Raid” option.  Then they can reboot to Windows and re-enable Smart Response Technology in the Windows RST UI.  You may need to change the boot order in the BIOS after resetting the Cache Disk too.


          If the SSD was used in Maximized mode, you can perform the same steps as for Enhanced mode, however there is data loss risk involved and you may not be able to boot.  Basically anything that is in Cache that was never written to the RAID0 volume will be lost, and it may include critical boot information.