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    i7 HD4000 Win7 crash at startup

    Ola Renman



      I have a new system, this is the configuration:


      Intel DH77DF

      Core-i7 3770T

      Corsair XMS3 2x4GB

      Intel 520 120GB SSD

      Dell U2412M Display

      Win 7 Ultimate


      After installing the HD4000 drivers windows crashes after the "welcome" screen. Sometimes the computer restarts and sometimes the screen freezes with a pattern of strange lines. Everything works fine when I use the generic VGA driver in windows. I have tried all different driver versions I can find on this community. Also all bios versions and combinations. Used both DVI and Display port to connect the display.


      I installed Ubuntu 12.10 but I get the same problem. Freeze or reboot when Gnome starts.


      Is this a hardware or driver issue? Is there any kind of diagnostic tool I can use?

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          Are you using an OEM system, or one you built yourself?  Are you using the generic Intel drivers, or the OEM ones?

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            Ola Renman

            I've built the system and I'm using the generic Intel drivers.

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              HI, I have the exact same problem, I change the MB thinking it had a problem but I have still have this problem. Graphics on PCI does't work either.

              Did you solve this in any manner ?

              Thanks !

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                Hello Ola Renman, the fact that you see this behavior even on Ubuntu seems to indicate that the problem might be hardware related, rather than a problem with the Intel® video drivers we provide.


                You may need to try swapping the hardware installed and try a basic configuration to isolate the issue to a few components. You may want to check with the desktop’s team in your local support to verify that the motherboard is working properly.

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                  I've had the same problem. I reassembled my old configuration, to re-test my PSU, SSD, everything was ok. I tried on 2 motherboards, and RMA already the CPU (8000584752).

                  Nothing solved. I did the RAM Win7 test : ok, I ran Memtest386+ : ok.

                  What would you recommend me to do I'm completly lost and have no idea of what I should do next !

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                    Hello topp3rrj,


                    From what I can see you have replaced the motherboard, the processor and you still have the same issue. You have the same issue using a PCI Express* card too.


                    In this particular case I would try swapping the rest of the hardware being involved, this definitely does not seen to be the video driver as you have the problem with an external card too. You should also check with the motherboard manufacturer to make sure that everything is properly installed and compatible. Also try using another operating system image to check that this is not related to the installation disc being used.