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    DH67BL failed BIOS update to Ivy Brigde, need help!


      Hi there : )


      Last week I bought a new DH67BL mobo and a i3-3220. After installing the CPU and not getting POST, I figured it must be a BIOS thing. So I took it to a PC store, popped in a Sandy Brigde. It all worked, booted into OS and all. Express installer didn't work so we updated to the newest BIOS via f7 route. It stopped POSTing altogether, with any processor. After much frustration I found there is a much more complicated way to update the bios for Ivy Bridge CPUs. Desktop Boards — Updating the BIOS to support 3rd Generation Intel� Core� Processors


      I don't know (and have no way of finding) the boards BIOS rev, AA# no. or ME version now.


      So can someone confirm that my way to fix it will work?

      0. Insert Sandy Br. CPU

      1. BIOS recovery to some early BIOS, like .122

      2. BIOS Update to .132 transition BIOS

      3. BIOS update (or Recovery depending on ME version) to .156

      4. Insert Ivy Br CPU


      Or can I just go straight to 3. and do a recovery to .156 straight away?


      Any info will be greatly appreciated!