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    Problem with the driver for the wireless connection adapter.


      So, out of nowhere, my wireless connection doesn't work. I cannot detect any wireless networks, but the adapter is detected in the Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings. It's visible there, enabled, with a full green bar (I'm connected to an Ethernet cable now and close to the router), but if I disconnect from the cable, I am no longer connected to the internet, and when I troubleshoot/diagnose, all windows says it "There might be a problem with the driver for the wireless connection adapter."


      I have an ASUS N55SL and my adapter is an Intel Centrino Wireless N-100. I have tried everything. Uninstalling and re installing drivers, deleting Intel Wifi folder and registry, restore points won't work, and it's not the AVG network filter problem like some. It just happened out of nowhere. It's actually the second time it did, but unlike last time, it did not fix itself overnight.


      I also thought a problem was the ATK package for hotkeys (FN+f2 turned wireless on and off), since when I turned on the computer when this problem started, the wifi was seemingly turned on at first, and I had to press those buttons to turn it on on, but alas, no visible wireless connections and still not connected to them. I have uninstalled the ATK package, and the problem still remains. Same after re-installing it, etc. I have done numerous reboots and tried many so-called "solutions", but none have worked.


      A full system re-install is the very last resort option, I have a lot of programs and things I'd need to set up once again. Luckily, last time it fixed itself, but I am not sure about this time, and I really don't want to go through fully re-installing everything once again. If it does do so, though, it would be the biggest relief, but still, I doubt it. Meanwhile, this is the biggest priority. I'm fairly uncomfortable in the only place I can connect the ethernet cable, and I don't want to stay like this for a long time.


      This is really stressful, and I ask for your help. If you can figure something out, please, I would truly appreciate it.