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    DH77DF bios 102 issues


      7 I bought a piece of DH77DF a few days ago, and updated bios to ver 102 this morning.


      I am disappointed that "uefi boot hang " still exists.



      Then I checked "Release Notes", it does not mentioned this bug is fixed, so I have to wait again.


      My video card is
      Quadro 2000, I also tested HD4000, it also fails.

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          2nd issue:


          Secure boot hangs while enable, this situation also happens to DH77EB.

          After several times recovering by moving jumping, I found that "Legacy Boot" should not be never disabled, even when "UEFI Boot" is enabled.

          But as "Secure Boot" is enabled,  "Legacy Boot" must be turned off the same time. The result is system boot hang, black screen, and beep for sometimes, I have to enter "Maintenance Mode" to re-enable "Legacy Boot" again.

          I do not think " Secure Boot " can work without TPM module, isn't it?



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            The last issue

            There are 2  frequency of memory.


            in Visual bios



            in Class bios



            Actually, the Class Bios shows the right frequency, the setting is by SPD (Auto), not Manual mode or XMP mode.

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              A good news is this time Intel says Pcie TV turner card now can work.

              I do not have such a card to prove it, but I hope it is so


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                I am wondering if you installed the OS via UEFI install.  It looks like you installed the OS in the traditional way and then try to enable UEFI afterwards.


                The fact that if you disable legacy boot, the boot does not work means legacy boot is used as fall back after UEFI boot does not see UEFI installed OS.  If it is true, you need reinstall OS in proper way.  By the way, only 64bit version of Windows supports UEFI boot.

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                  Thanks, Shimh, that is I want to express.

                  UEFI is still depending on Legacy bios, and it really make booting (windows 8) faster.

                  This new technology also frustrates Intel's engineers, such as issue 1 only happens in UEFI mode.

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                    I have DH77DF with Windows 8 x64 and general/usb/video optimization all enabled.  I don't have problem with UEFI boot.  In v100, UEFI boot works fine except two issues: 1. no secure boot option; 2. UEFI boot hangs when video optimization is enabled.  Both issues have been fixed in 102.


                    I didn't find legacy boot option in DH77DF's BIOS.  The help on enable UEFI boot says the mb will try UEFI boot first before legacy boot when the option is enabled.

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                      Perhapers UEFI boot hangs only occurs to video card based on nvidia Fermi gpu.

                      " Legacy mode " can be found in "class bios", and it is ''enabled '' by default.

                      When "secure boot" is enabled, it will be diabled automatically.

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                        Have you tried to check if there is newer bios for your nvidia video card ( GUIDE for Flashing BIOS of NVIDIA GPU - techPowerUp! Forums)?  Intel video bios update is part of 102 bios update.  If possible, you could try to boot the system using cpu's video instead of nvidia to see if nvidia is the reason preventing successful boot up.

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                          Thank you for your advice.

                          I just refreshed 102 again and tested "Video accelerate" is OK after I plug out my Quadro 2000D.

                          "Secure boot" do not beep again as well....