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    Server S2600CP2 motherboard - 1-3 beep code and fans 100% all of the time


      My server has an Intel S2600CP2 Motherboard in an Intel P408XXMHEN chassis with 2 Intel E5-2609 Xeon CPUs with 8 x Intel certified KVR13R9D4/8i Kingston RAM modules with a single Intel 520s 480GB SSD and the optional airflow duct fitted.


      When I first booted this system the fans were constantly running flat out and the system beeped with 1 normal beep followed with 3 short beeps. I tried installing the operating system (Windows Server 2012) which crashed and restarted the computer upon initialising. I have done some research on the internet and updated the Firmware to the latest available from the Intel site. This made a slight difference in that now 10 seconds after power on, the fans do settle down for about 30 seconds then go flat out again. Also the beep now appears to be 1 normal, 3 short and 1 normal. I am not 100% sure if this beep has changed as it is difficult to hear over the roar of the fans. Also Windows will now get to the first setup screen.


      Along the way I have tried the system with a single CPU (tried both CPUs individually), tried each of the RAM DIMMs individually, disconnected the backpane, fans etc, none of which made any difference.


      I cannot find any information on the Intel site (or anywhere else on the internet) that explains the beep code we are getting. I have also downloaded and attempted to run the EFI SEL viewer, which gets to the point where it says that it is gathering information to display but after 30 minutes nothing has happened and the fans are still roaring

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          These are probably two different things.  There is a normal series of beeps every boot, as USB and other peripherals initiate.  The only time to worry about beeps is if there is no video, or other boot failure.  Otherwise, the beeps are okay.


          You are correct in looking in the SEL to find out why the fans are running full speed.  Usually it is a fan plugged in to the wrong location or something.  If you can't get the SEL from EFI, you can also run it from Windows or Linux.  Download Center

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