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    RAID firmware update hosed the controller


      I have an Intel S5520HC motherboard in a server and I was doing an update of the RAID firmware from the website.  I logged into the Intel support website and downloaded the file (EPSD_SAS_FW_v.2012.06.29_ph20upd.zip) that was listed on the website as the firmware update file for this motherboard.  I then unzipped the file to a USB thumb drive and rebooted the server into the EFI shell according to the instructions.  I then proceeded to launch the AXX4SASMOD.nsh script which was listed on the instructions as the one pertaining to my motherboard.  After erasing the flash on the controller, it gave two error messages that matched those on the readme as known errors that could be ignored.  After completing the update, it said the update was successful, however it also gave the following:



      LSI Corporation SAS FLASH Utility.

      SASFlash Version (2011.03.28)


      Advanced Mode Set

      Adapter Selected is a LSI SAS 1068E(B3)

      Controller is not operational.  A firmware download is required.

      Enter firmware file name or quit to exit.



      I have no clue what firmware file name to put in here.  If I reboot the server, the RAID controller is completely missing.  I need some quick help to recover this RAID controller.  Thanks for any help you can provide.