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    Intel HD 4000 Overscan problem

    Sohail Juna

      Hi all,


      I am building a HTPC so I purchased an I3 3225 yesterday which has embedded Intel HD 4000 graphics.


      When I connect to my TV (Toshiba 32" LCD) there is an overscan, so the resolution is always to big for the screen.


      Gutted - I specifically got this CPU as it had the latest embedded graphics.


      I have done some research, and my TV does not have a feature to enable 1:1 pixel mapping.


      Am I stuck?


      I have tried using the Custom Resolutions tool in the Graphics Options tool, but always with strange results.


      Can anyone help?


      Thanks in advance



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          Can you give more information on your TV?  What model is it?


          1:1 pixel mapping is only supported in TV's with 1080p, does your TV support that mode?

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            Actually, that's not entirely true. 1:1 pixel mapping just means that the tv display matches the resolution it receives. Let me elucidate:

            gfx card     tv

            1080          1080 1:1 pixel mapped

            1080          720 not 1:1 pixel mapped

            1080          768 not 1:1 pixel mapped


            720           720 1:1 pixel mapped

            720           768 not 1:1 pixel mapped

            720           1080 not 1:1 pixel mapped

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              Gilles David

              I'm having the same issue both with my computer display and LED TV attached via HDMI.

              In WIN7 I allmost can't see the edges and taskbar, same goes for XBMC and playing movies on LED TV and Projector! I switched between 2 HDMI 1.4 cables just be sure!

              Any ideas how to get a 1:1 resolution would be welcome!


              Asrock H77Pro4-M

              Intel I3-3225

              Latest intel vga drivers



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                At the beginning of the summer, I built a desktop computer and an HTPC using the Intel DH77EB motherboard and an i5 processor with HD 4000 graphics. My HTPC is connected to a Hitachi 51F59a TV which is a rear projection CRT TV from 2006. It is connected via HDMI and the overscanning is significant (cannot see the task bar or the left-most column of desktop icons).


                I found this article from Intel's website titled "Intel Graphics & Televisions FAQs." http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/sb/CS-033418.htm?wapkw=hd+4000+overscan


                The second to last question asks "Why can I see the center of the Windows* desktop, but not the top, bottom, and sides?" The suggested solution is to go into the graphics options and adjust the horizontal/vertical scaling from the general settings. When I go into this area, the available settings don't appear as they do in the screenshot from the FAQ's page. I was doing some reconfiguration on my HTPC and connected it to a smaller LCD TV. At the bottom of the settings, there is a drop down selection to maintain the aspect ratio or to use custom scaling. I had to first select the custom scaling, then apply that change before I could actually adjust the scaling. Once I did that, it worked fine and I could rescale my image. I was also able to do this from my desktop computer connected to an LCD monitor. Scaling was not necessary using either of these displays, but I figured out how to make the adjustment.


                I then moved my HTPC back to the living room and connected it to the older HDTV (still using HDMI for my connection), but the scaling I had done before moving the PC was no longer applied. I went back into the graphics properties and found out that the scaling option is no longer available. The only choice from the drop down list in the settings was to maintain aspect ratio. My LCD is capable of 1080p at 60Hz while the CRT is only capable of 1080i at 59Hz. Which of these differences would be reason that scaling is not available on the rear projection CRT TV?


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                  May I ask why Intel doesn't take care of an impossible to fix problem and what is with this "lets make everything simple so idiots doesn't get confused and switch to tablet" style of Intel these days?


                  I worked in TV business and Projector business. You simply don't throw away a $20K projector because some trendy intern at Intel removed a critical option for business&multimedia for sake of "simplicity".


                  Laptops&portable computers are made for REAL WORK, not for entertainment and sub 100 IQ people who gets confused by the term "overscan".


                  I hope Intel gives up this "lets make things simple" mentality soon. No, we can't hand code assembly and patch television&projector firmwares to have additional options!

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                    I have the same issue with a Panasonic TX-L32EW5S and the latest Intel driver on a Lenovo E530 (Intel i5 3210 with Intel HD 4000).

                    Is there still no fix???

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                      Could fix it by googling respectively by disabling "overscan" option in my Panasonic's options menu. I don't know why it was enabled...

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                        Thank you for sharing this information with the community.


                        Kevin M