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    Getting computer to recognize a widescreen monitor

    Serena Loder

      I'm having an issue with my computer recognizing my widescreen monitor. This is NOT a new purchase, I've had this monitor for over a year now, and it's worked fine. Last night, however, the computer had some issues so I restarted it and upon restart, it wasn't recognizing the widescreen monitor anymore. It had the monitor listed as "defaul" and none of the resolution settings were the one I needed (1600x900). I tried going back to the previous day on a system restore, but it didn't change anything. I don't think a virus did it because that computer cannot connect to the internet, and so for a similar reason, I can't just connect and check on the drivers or run other troubleshooting.

      I am running Windows XP with an Intel(R) 828656 Graphics Controller v. I recognize that it's a bit older, but is there an updated driver that might have been damaged in the restart that I can redownload? I work with graphics a lot, and I'm having difficulty now since all of the images are warped.


      Thanks for any suggestions you can offer!