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    LGA1155 (H2) - CPU Heatsink Dimensions - HELP NEEDED

    Michael Smith

      I currently have an i3-2120T installed in my media centre and I want to change to an  i7-3770S because the HD video performance of the i3-2120T is woeful.  The artefacting associated with 1920x1080 (1080i) HD video is drives me to distraction.


      I want to know the height of the heatsink supplied by Intel for a i7-3770S CPU.  My media centre case is only 1 rack unit in height and I need a low profile CPU heatsink/fan assembly.  I can't find the heatsink specifications from Intel anywhere. The heatsink supplied by Intel with the i3-2120T fits in the case and is about 30 mm high, is the i7-3770S heatsink the same height?


      Can anyone provide the heatsink dimensions.