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    S5000PAL Memory Configuration


      Hi all,


      We have got the S5000PAL in one of our servers.  When we bought it, we populated it with 4x 1GB Dimms, which of course gave us 4GB of total system memory.  We have now decided on upgrading this server gradually by starting out buying 4x 2GB modules, which should give us 12GB, and then replacing the 4x 1GB modules with 2GB modules as well, which in the end will give us 16. 


      Now the current config is as follows:


      Module A1: 1GB Module

      Module B1: 1GB Module

      Module A2: 1GB Module

      Module B2: 1GB Module

      Module C1: 2GB Module

      Module D1: 2GB Module

      Module C2: 2GB Module

      Module D2: 2GB Module


      so, this population looks correct to me... but the server is only reporting 8GB, not 12... it's like it's disregarding the 1GB modules.  All the modules are same speed, same size etc (1GB module group same, 2GB module group same)....



      Any idea what I am missing?


      Thanks alot for your help in advance.