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    S1200btlr No Display no start




      My Hardware


      Mainboard S1200BTLR

      CPU - Xeon E3 1265v2

      Kingston RAM (KVR1333D3E9SK2/8G)

      Intel SSD 330

      Hitachi HDD 2T

      Sony DVD Laufwerk



      When I start the system (PowerOn) come one long beep.

      No BIOS will shown on the screen and no other on the screen is seen


      When I wait a time come the loog Beep again.

      The Led signal is (0=on; x= off)



      follow Test i have done:

      -> change the RAM to other Slots -> the issue is the same.

      -> using RAM from my other S1200 Systems -> the isuse is the same

      -> start without RAM -> three beeps

      -> diconnect all HDD and DVD and start the system -> the issue is the same

      -> Remove the CPU and install the cpu again -> the same result

      The power cables and Jumper are check.



      Can help some one?