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    Issue with rapid start technology


      I have a PC with rapid start technology installed using a 32 GB ssd disk #2mcoupled to a 1 TB hard disk #1 which is the C: drive.  All is working fine.  I want to shrink the C partition, and use this space on an existing D: partiton so that the D: partition will be large enough to copy an image of C: to.  I have been told that because my C: partition is tied to an RST array I cannont resize it without messing up my system.


      The primary hard disk #1 contains at present 4 primary partitions in the following order.


      hidden Partition NTFS 200 MB [believe this is a partition necessary for windows 7 to boot and has to be left alone?]

      C: Partition NTFS  916GB, 84 GB used

      D: Partition NTFS    24GB, 12 GB used, drivers and software that came with the PC

      hidden Partition; file system not identified, OEM system restore partition, windows disk management says it is empty, I have no access to it?


      I tried to use Aomei paratition manager to shrink C: and expand D: into the vacant space, the process failed.  I contacted Aomei support who told me I cannot do what I want due to the rapid start technology?