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    PLEASE help: Fresh install of windows 7 + mSata + intel rapid storage technology


      Hi Everyone,


      I am trying to do a fresh install of windows 7 on my dell 15r se (7520) including the use of my mSata drive with intel rapid storage technology.


      My story (as we all have):


      I bought my laptop without a mSata drive (in South Africa, i never had the option)

      I subsequently bought the mSata drive to my laptop from the out of warranty team at Dell.

      My laptop showed an MASSIVE improvement in speed and thus self-satisfaction


      Virus attacked my laptop, needed to do a fresh install.

      1) When i first did a fresh install, i could NOT see any of the drives (i had sata operation set to intel rapid storage [same as RAID i believe])

      2) i had to set sata operation to either "ata" or "ahci" in order to install windows, i used ahci. i installed the driver, then upon restarting i got a BSOD.

      3) called dell (two weeks ago i might add) and they told me to go into the raid bios (appears when i changed the sata operation to intel rapid storage) after the P-O-S-T phase. I pressed Ctrl-i and got in. I attached a picture so you can see what it looked like:



      Dell said that i should remove my primary harddrive by pressing "r, and so i did. Both hard drives now had the status" Non-RAID Disk". Then i installed windows, because i could finally see my hard drives, only to get this message now:



      Windows error.jpg


      4) Ever since i did the above, i could NEVER get back into my RAID bios, i have been trying for the last week. Dell inspiron team has no clue with this problem, let alone the bigger problem of trying to install windows 7 using my mSata drive as a caching drive by using intel rapid storage response.


      So to anyone in the know, could you PLEASE help me sort out my problem.


      In case this info comes in handy,

      my chipset is intel HM77 chipset express

      my bios has the latest driver installed (suffix "A04")

      I will gladly provide any further information upon request.


      Thanking you in advance


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