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    Mike Poullas

      I currently support 10 systems all using the DH61AG motherboard. I decided to update the BIOS to the latest version v43


      since it's supposed to address possible DDR3-1333 MHz RAM issues which I have seen with some RAM brands. I started with


      3 of the 10 systems and ALL had issues with v43. After the update, all systems failed to POST with no Video and required me


      to unplug the power and reset the BIOS (setting PIN to 2-3) After this, the system would boot but with NO POST message and


      no keyboard response for F2. In one case, out of no where, the system booted into the BIOS set up but was clearly corrupt.


      The screen was full of question marks for various options (??), the screen was not properly formated and options missing.. I figured


      out that for all the other systems I was able to get to the BIOS by continously holding the F2 keyboard after plugging the power to the system


      and booting the system. They all had the same issue, corrupt BIOS. If this was one system, fine. But across all 10 with various RAM brands? Sorry but


      BIOS v43 is a BIG FAIL..Need to remove it or fix it..