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    Intel SSD 910 400 GB firmware versioning and update


      Hi, I was looking for a firmware upgrade of my Intel SSD 910 400 GB. In fact we received a message from intel telling us to update this firmware... So we tried... Oh boy... what a weird day as of now...


      First off, here's the first question. Can I update the SSD firmware while the disk is used ? Or I should shut off the database that writes on this disk before I do the firmware update?


      Then, before I started the update, I've decided to check the firmware version I had...


      So I ran "isdct -list" and found that the firmware version was 1200C008A411 .


      So I checked the appropriate documentation... Here's the first problem... The French documentation and the english documentation doesn't tell the same thing...



      Centre de téléchargement

      Lecteur SSD Intel® série 910 400 Go                          1200C008A40D




      Intel® Solid-State Drive 910 Series 400 GB                1200C008A424


      Look at that... A40D(french) vs A424(english)... hmmmmmmm... shouldn't that be the same??




      We had another server with another Intel SSD 910 400 Gb, version A411, so we tried the firmware update....SUCCESS!!! But guess what? We did it, and it still displays A411...


      Hmmmmmmm... any comments?


      Have a nice day!


      Mr. Lan