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    Intel i3 3225 HD4000 best settings for WMC HTPC?


      I just upgraded from an older Intel dual core pentium CPU, Intel MB, and ATI 5570 video card hooked up to an LCD TV using HDMI.  Using Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, and Windows Media Center with HD OTA recording.


      I went to a gigabyte MB, Intel 3225, 8 GB DDR3 RAM, using the onboard HD 4000 video.


      I noticed that playing back recordings using this new setup looks fuzzier than my old ATI card.   Is this normal, or is there some kind of setting that I am missing on the built-in Intel Video?


      In bios, I have the built-in Video using 1024MB of RAM (since I have 8GB).   The only options I have disabled in the video driver settings is Dynamic Contrast setting.


      The CPU seems pretty fast, but I'm really disappointed in the Video.  It was the whole reason I purchased the setup.


      I'm going to try messing around with it some more when I get back from my business trip on Thurs.