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    Series Express Chipset [Help]


      Hi,I'm new here and decided to make a topic because im basically going nuts over this.

      I'm no whizkid when it comes to these sort of things.

      I finished installing a fresh Windows7 64bit on my HP laptop.

      and i was installing updates when i saw there was a newer version for my

      Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset Family

      And like a silly goose i decided hey why not, so i downloaded it and installed it but now the whole thing has gone to pot.


      It did not install correctly obviously it gave me the (Could not register one or more components this will close)

      So i thought okay this didn't install no harm done, i rebooted and now im stuck with a very ugly huge 800x600 resolution and no clue how to fix this.

      i followed a ton of how-to guides on this forum but nothing is working for me, they all give me the same error.


      Could someone help me, it seems there is no system restore point, that's just charming.


      Would i have to resort to re-installing windows again.


      I hope anyone can walk me through this


      Thanks in advance