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    NIC driver injection 82579LM problem for HP Compaq 8300 Elite CMT



      Just got 7 new computers in the door - pretty much the same setup as the HP 8200 Elite we have - including the NIC. Had hoped that the driversetup in MDT 2012 would be simple as most of the hardware should be the same. Oh so wrong...


      The first problem is to find a working NIC driver - Have tried several different ones but none mentions the pci\ven_8086&dev_1502&subsys_33968086&rev_04 in the .inf files so the deployment stops.


      Where can I find a compatible driver for this NIC? Have tried the driver that comes with the computer and Softpac.


      Wondering if anyone knows what _33968086&rev_04 really means in the Hardware ID's?

      Any suggestion to how to make a workaround to this problem?

      Waiting for a quote for 50 more of these and putting in a extra NIC isn't an option.


      Have only tried deployement for Windows 7 x64.


      Kjetil Jacobsen