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    Intel DH77EB DTV Cards or lack off.

    Simon Page

      Hi All,


      I though I would start a list of cards that don't work and hopefully find a dual TV card that actually does in this MB.


      Is not recognised in any PCI-E slots -

      • Compro E750 2 x DVB-T
      • Saber HB-220 2 x DVB-T
      • Avermedia Satellite Trinity A707AC, 1 x DVB-T, 1 x DVB-S


      Works in all Slots -


      • Hauppauge HVR 3300, 1 x DVB-T, 1 x DVB-S


      I am trying to find a late revision Hauppauge 2200 which I have read elswhere works.


      Please update if you personally tested another card.



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          You should update your bios Version to 0096



          New Fixes/Features:

          •  Updated VBIOS to version  2143. 

          •  Updated Visual BIOS to version 1.2.1. 

          •  Fixed issue with MSFT KEK *   leaf certificate e xpiration.

          •  Update d   processor support. 

          •  Update d   Intel® ME  8 firmware to version . 

          •  Update d   RAID Option ROM to version . 

          •  Fixed  issue with LAN p acket drop. 

          •  Fixed  issue where system does  not recogni ze  TV  tuner cards . 

          •  Fixed  issue where certain k eyboards and mice are not detected

          during boot.

          •  Fixed  issue where memory multiplier cannot restore to default

          when set ting  XMP Profile to automatic or loading   default setting. 

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            Maybe, this is working for some Plain Windows Users, but at least if you are trying to propagate the TV tuner to a Xen-Domu, you are also lost with the latest BIOS (see Re: DH77EB - Any resolution for PCIe-recognition problem?)

            This Series 7 is a desaster!

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              This Fix also working for Ubuntu Users without Xen. I don't use Xen on my HTPC.

              And Intel is not the only Manufacturer with the PCIe TV Tuner Problems, Asrock and others have (to fix) this Problem too.

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                Hi Simon,


                We would like to inform you that Intel will stand behind its products but we cannot guarantee compatibility with any and every other product available on the market.  We build our products to industry standards but there is still the possibility of incompatibility and this seems to be the case with these TV tuner cards.  We suggest testing different brands and type of devices to narrow the issue. Thank you for your understanding.